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Our Commitment


Our on-campus Sleep Center is specifically built and designed with high-quality sleep studies in mind. With a highly qualified team utilizing the latest diagnostic equipment, we ensure an excellent standard of service and care for every visit you make to our sleep labs.

Sleep Lab Tests

We use the technology and diagnostic tools for sleep study and diagnosis, allowing us to identify medical problems and quickly evaluate issues from breathing disorders to insomnia to other unwanted nighttime behaviors. These include:

Sleep Study

Also known as a polysomnography, our sleep studies are carried out in our dedicated sleep labs to closely monitor various aspects of your sleep, from your oxygen levels to your breathing and eye and leg movements, as well as brain activity

CPAP Titration Studies

CPAP studies specifically identify the ideal pressure for use with CPAP machines, a standard tool used to manage sleep apnea throughout the time you are asleep

MSLT (Multiple Sleep Latency Test)

The unique tests are designed to examine how quickly you fall asleep during the day. We also look at how sleepy you are in general. This study allows for the diagnosis and testing of idiopathic hypersomnia and narcoleptic tendencies

MWT (Maintenance of Wakefulness Test)

The Maintenance of Wakefulness Test examines your level of alertness and wakefulness throughout a specific day, allowing our experts to identify any issues relating to drowsiness or general poor attention due to sleep-related conditions

What We Evaluate


Our highly trained team at the sleep clinic provides evaluation and testing for various sleeping conditions and medical issues
relating to sleep quality. These include:


From sleepwalking to night terrors, bed-wetting, to teeth grinding, our sleep clinic allows for comprehensive monitoring of a range of behaviors and symptoms for further study and treatment through our expert medical team

Sleep Wake Patterns

Sleep apnea and similar breathing disorders can be examined and monitored directly through our sleep clinic, whether for initial diagnosis or to effectively adjust CPAP machines for more effective use throughout the night

Nighttime Behaviors

Do you find it difficult or impossible to sleep? Our clinic specializes in the testing required to diagnose and treat insomnia in patients, whether it's due to underlying medical causes or a need for psychological help and support

Breathing Disorders

Abnormal sleeping and waking patterns are commonly examined as part of our testing, whether it's individuals that fall asleep during the day or those that can't sleep more than a few hours at a time. Our testing helps to identify these medical behaviors for further treatment.

What To Expect

Typically, you will need to arrive at our Northwest Sleep Center at 8 p.m. on the day of your study. We will then register you and complete all checks before preparing the equipment and settling you in for the duration of the study. Usually, studies conclude at 6 a.m. the following morning. Throughout your time in our clinic, you will be constantly and carefully monitored. An intercom system is included for your use if you need to pause the study to get up or if you have a question to ask.

In the case of daytime studies, your start and finish time may be different from the times listed above. You may also be asked to take part in a 24-hour sleep study to identify further and study your specific symptoms. In most studies, electrodes are placed on your body to monitor your brain activity, heart rate, and any body movement. Once everything is complete, your sleep specialist will talk you through the results, which will then be sent to the relevant medical professional.

meet our staff

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G. Scott Warner, MD

Scott Warner, MD,  has over 25 years of experience in Sleep Medicine.  He obtained his medical degree from the University of Florida and completed multiple residencies and fellowships at the University of Alabama Birmingham. He has multiple Board Certifications including Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine. Dr. Warner is currently seeing Sleep Medicine patients in our recently renovated Sleep Center.   Please call 205-739-7050 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Warner.

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