Sulligent Medical Clinic

Services & Treatments

Our professional and friendly team at Sulligent Medical Clinic provides non-emergency care and many services to our patients across the Northwest Alabama area.


Flu, Strep, and Sinus Infections

Our clinic team can provide treatment if you or your child is struggling with a fever and flu-like symptoms

Women's Health Care

Our in-clinic women's health care services are carried out by our friendly and supportive team, ensuring you can access high-quality care

Sprains, Strains, and Bruises

Our qualified medical team can examine injuries that don't need urgent attention with no need to attend our on-campus ER

Minor Laceration Repair

Cuts and scrapes may require medical attention for cleaning and stitches. Sulligent Medical Clinic provides excellent care to manage minor wounds

Flu Shots

Annual flu shots can be booked directly with our medical team at Sulligent Medical Clinic to help ensure your immunity

Labs and X-rays

Sulligent Medical Clinic works directly with our diagnostics and laboratory services to provide excellent healthcare services for medical issues

Employment and School Physicals

We offer physicals by appointment for employment records and school requirements, providing prompt and comprehensive testing and results

Well-Child Care

We provide a wide range of pediatric childcare services within our Sulligent Clinic, with a dedicated and trained staff that support children's health through diagnosis, testing, and long-term care

Manage Diabetes, Cholesterol, and Blood Pressure

Sulligent Medical Clinic manages the ongoing medical intervention of blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes for regular monitoring and care

meet our staff

Women's Health Care

David Rubley

Nurse Practitioner
David leads our specialized team at Sulligent Medical Clinic to provide excellent service to our patients for non-urgent healthcare reasons. Whether you think you have the flu or you'd like to book a scheduled employment physical, he provides exceptional care for the best possible outcome. Please call 205-698-7111 to schedule an appointment with David Rubley, CRNP.

Hours & Contact Info

Call us on 205-698-7111 to schedule an appointment at Sulligent Medical Clinic.

Monday - Thursday from 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

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